Aislin, Michelle H – In Control 2

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Stunning Latvian babe Aislin is getting her kink on in her dining room. She’s wearing a spiked leather collar, chain leash and black fetish skirt – backless apart from a few straps, it shows off her perfect ass with its cute tan lines, and leaves her topless with her beautiful breasts on display. Her blonde hair is in an updo and her makeup is sophisticated, with red lipstick. Aislin is submitting to Michelle H, a Ukrainian redhead, who is dressed to dominate in a tight black leather-look minidress. The Mistress is also wearing a kinky black leather hood with a muzzle and dog ears that covers her head and face, leaving only her eyes and part of her long red braid visible at the back. Both girls are in high spike heels. Brandishing a small leather whip, Michelle gestures for Aislin to kneel before her – she trails the whip sensually over her submissive’s golden skin, then uses it to spank the blonde’s ass, raising a hot pink glow on her cheeks. Michelle squirts body oil over them, but any relief is short-lived as she spanks Aislin again, the slick liquid making her feel the sting of the whip more keenly. Next, Michelle unzips the front of her dress to expose her own gorgeous breasts, and shows her lover some affection, gently cupping and stroking her face. Aislin responds, nuzzling Michelle’s belly. However, she gets a little too carried away, moving down to lick her Mistress’s pussy. Angered by the girl's insubordination, the dominatrix chastises her, then storms out of the room, leaving Aislin to pleasure herself. Kneeling back on her haunches, then squatting, the blonde teases her naked, shaved slit with the chain leash and caresses her own breasts before moving spit-wet fingertips down to her snatch. Grinding her hips, knees splayed wide, she fingers her clit and is soon moaning with pleasure. Her pert breasts jiggle as she masturbates hard. Next, she sits on a chair and loops her leash around and between her breasts, teasing them, and spanks her pussy with the leather hand-loop. Soon, however, her fingers are back at her crotch, this time dipping inside of her snatch. Visibly wet as she splays herself open and uses both hands, she is soon close to cumming. As she raises her legs, her moans become louder and more abandoned and she bucks against her hand, churning up her juices as she fingerbangs herself hard. In a frenzy, she strips naked and stands braced against the table, one leg up. After a minute or so of furious strumming, she orgasms, her entire body going into spasm as her climax shudders through her. Satisfied, she forgets her earlier misbehavior for a moment, then walks to the window and closes the drapes, suddenly shy – or nervous that Mistress Michelle was watching her all along…

TheLifeErotic 18 06 24 Aislin And Michelle H In Control 2 XXX 1080p

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